Fields Of Application

The oil which is extracted by the Vegetable Oil Expeller, is characterised for their exceptional quality, thanks to a careful pressing, and also pressing at low temperature, the results are altogether excellent. This is the reason why you can use the Vegetable Oil press, convenient to a large range of products.

Cold Pressed Food Oil
eg. Gold of Pleasure, Sunflower, Rape Seed Oil, Grape Pip Oil, Nut Oil. etc.
Oil for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry
eg. Evening Primrose, Black Seed Oil Shampoo, Rose Hip Cream etc.
Technical Oils
eg. Chain Saw Oil, Petrol, Colour, Lubrication Oil, Hydraulic Oil
Cattle Feed
eg. Rape Seed Oil and Rape Seed Press Cake; Linseed Oil and Linseed Press Cake
The product range consists of one Model Hand operated Machine and also fully electrically operated machines.